A little bit of travelling and a lot of record-listening meant ample time to read. I’m still not sure how I feel about the 3 Body Problem series, but I’m close to the end of the third book as I writing this.


Hummingbird Salamander

Vandemeer with a compelling eco thriller.

The Dark Forest

Watched the Netflix adaptation of the first and a bit book while reading this which mostly just made me confused about who was who. Also I wish there were more women in the books who weren’t a sci-fi writer’s idea of a perfect wife.

Three-Body Problem

I’m dreading the Netflix show but this was slow to start but super interesting once it did.

Camp Zero

An interesting take on climate apocalypse.

Agent Running in the Field

Le Carre kept writing bangers his entire career.

Shards of the Earth

Enough mystery to make the trilogy appealing, and strong characters.



Imagine being the only gay Barbie in a world that ignores to. Mid as hell.


Man, steroids in Hollywood having a moment.

Love Lies Bleeding

Muscle babes.

One Shot

A call of duty cutscene but better.

The Accountant

It’s tax season.

Color Out of Space

Very silly. Lovecraft films always suffer from needing to show the unimaginable.

All of Us Strangers

Strangely I read the book this was loosely based on back in college in 2003 or 2004 (which I only realized this was based on a book after this year’s Blankies). I haven’t seen Saltburn, but licking cum off Andrew Scott’s chest then kissing him is way cooler than bathwater, IMO. Also this was devastating.

The Burial

A hoot

Terminator Genisys