A few long books I didn’t finish, and a lot of movies. Mostly this month I spent my night playing video games.


Hell Bent

A fun sequel to Ninth House.

Book of Night

I like this trend of urban magic stuff.



A 70mm rewatch in IMAX. Stunning.

Drive-away Dolls

Fun stuff.

Next Goal Wins

putting your fingers in your mouth and saying whistle whistle is solid

Self Reliance

could a depressed person do this?! A B-grade The Game

The Animal Kingdom

I feel like only the French could make a sci-fi movie like this.



Iron Claw

Damn I wish they hadn’t cancelled Mindhunter

Sleeping with Other People


Guilt Trip

Just bing it.

American Fiction

Funny, and also it’s bizarre that Adam Brody is somehow not the rich nerd from the O.C. anymore. I’m a sucker for anything with Jeffrey Wright.

The End We Start From

Loved the book, and the movie was solid.


Never go to space.