my favorite tv and games of 2023


Scavenger’s Reign

One of the coolest and best animated sci-fi ever.

The Bear (Season 2)

Each episode was as tense and true as the last.

The Curse

Wow, what a fucking trip.

Jury Duty

Absurd, but the real treat is Ronald.


Reminiscent of a lot of my church days.

Blue Eye Samurai

This is the year for western animation. So cool.

Adventure Time: Fiona and Cake

A poignant continuation of one of my favorite shows.


Baldur’s Gate 3

Look, it’s obvious this is an incredible game with so much detail and weird little pieces that I could probably play different ways for years. So good.

Zelda ToTK

Ditto. Custom building? Flying around on a little hover bike? The joy of exploration? Yep.


Scratched my RTS itch with short playthroughs and fun stages.


It’s not technically out yet but it’s awesome. Old-school RPG joy.

Alan Wake 2

The closest you can get to playing a David Lynch film.

Chants of Senarr

I got stuck on a few puzzles for a while, but broadly it was something I couldn’t put down. I beat it at 5am on morning after an 11 hour play through and that was a day well-spent.


Another game I actually beat this year. Charming and weird.