my favorite movies of 2023


My entire movie list for 2023 is here on Letterboxd.

Poor Things

A sex romp of self discovery with some of the most interesting locations and costuming in years.


Fucked me up real good on the plane. Every layer a new arrow in my heart.


More of a nerdy political movie than a physics one but I’m a sucker for pop political and proceedings stuff. Nolan, ya dunnit again. Asking if this was a smart movie is missing the point, because this felt to me just as crowd-pleasingly constructed as Mission Impossible or Tenet. This is the Nolan’s Sully as to Tenet’s Bond?

The Killer

Amazing. Hilarious at times and wonderful crafted jaunt.

The Holdovers

The trailer made me completely uninterested in seeing this, but the movie was great. Giamati playing the Rushmore’ Cox cum Dead Poets’ Williams he was meant to.