A big trip to Vancouver on my bike


Just Like Home

Dovetailed nicely with my re-watching of Stoker. This grabbed onto my eyes and wouldn’t let go.

Tatami Galaxy

Fun to read the inspiration for the series.



Meh. I had some hopes but this was just so-so.

All Jacked Up and Full of Worms

Music was solid, but I think it was too full of ideas without a real anchor.


Saw this in the theater and was surprised by it. Rewatching for Blank Check and, yea, still rips in a bizarre way.


Park Chan Wook with one of the best vampire movies.


Love this.


More of a nerdy political movie than a physics one but I’m a sucker for pop political and proceedings stuff. Nolan, ya dunnit again.

Erin Brockovich

I love a good law procedural.

No Hard Feelings

Adorable and surprisingly wholesome.


Forgot I’d watched this, which says a lot about it.

The Martian

Another comfort rewatch. Just a chill time.

World War Z

A comfort rewatch of a kinda silly but exciting zombie film.