This month was mostly for TV: Luther, Poker Face, and some rewatches too. Also of note: Paris Roubaix, and a couple F1 races.


Loki’s Ring

After two of Lecht’s books, I think her style is a little too on the nose for me, but I broadly enjoy it. When you’re including an interesting set of genders and sexualities it’s a delicate dance that in this case feels a little too box-check-y.


Scream VI

The logic of these movies never really works, but they’re still fun.

Return to Seoul

A gorgeous film. Lots of therapy fuel in this one about identity, family, and acceptance.

Beau is Afraid

And for good reason.


Way more entertaining than I expected. Honestly this was a thrilling hoot.

Knives Out: Glass Onion


Ant Man: Quantumania

This was a bizarre jumble. I don’t really understand what it was going for, but I guess it’s fine?

Project Wolf Hunting

Con Air on a boat?! Nah, it’s a much sillier gore-fest.

Three Thousand Years of Longing

A fun, fantastical love story.


This would’ve been better with the girl played by Annette.