Shit I Like

As the year ends and folks are buying gifts for each other, I figured I would post about the products I enjoy. I’ll try to keep this list updated in the future as I test things and travel. If there’s a category of goods that isn’t listed here and for some reason you trust me to recommend things, email me and I’ll either let you know what I like, or add a new category of things I need to test.


  • Topo Designs Boulder pants

    These were a replacement for some Patagonia pants I burned during Thanksgiving. They’re pretty great. I wish there were an option for full-length, but ankle pants are apparently the style.

  • Enve, and Velocio wool trail shirts

    Travel + wool = happiness. I wear these during gravel cycling but also when I want to not worry about a shirt getting stinky after a couple days.

  • Ornot socks

    Good cycling socks

  • Albion, Velocio, and Ornot cycling clothes

    Broadly, these are the brands of cycling gear I have really enjoyed this year, after buying and wearing a lot of LeCol and Rapha last year.

  • Houdini Mono Air hoodie

    A great replacement for my somewhat worn-out Mission Workshop hoodie, and it’s a bit warmer.

  • Outlier beanie

    Thought I lost my fancy discontinued merino watchmen cap, but later found it. In the interim I ordered this and it’s great.

  • Adidas Samba

    Still my favorite shoe despite trying other styles over the years. It just fits.

  • Organic Basics bras

    Good bras, good fit, and a minimum of fuss.

  • Negative and CUUP underwear

    Comfortable and well-fitting, as well as pretty durable.

Home goods

  • Zojirushi rice cooker

    I bought the cheapest, smallest one of these from Berkeley bowl when I moved to California, and it’s great. It cooks up to 3 cups of rice, and does it well.

  • Duxtop Induction stove

    A chill way to cook fast and consistently. My apartment has electric hobs that suck, so I threw two Duxtops onto the stovetop instead.


  • iPad mini

  • iPhone 14

  • M2 MacBook Air

  • Kindle Oasis


  • Bellroy studio

    My go-to travel and work bag. It has a nice texture, enough space, and is durable. This is discontiued now, so I would probably recommend the Melbourne now.

Bike stuff

  • Squid Gravtron

    My fancy new gravel bike. I’ve crashed it a few times, but it’s still holding up. I’ve got a 1x SRAM Force groupset, and over-the-top Enve components on it to boot. Fast, and very cool looking.

  • Canyon Endurace

    My go-to road bike. I bought a fancy Litespeed Titanium bike too, but the endurance geometry, along with the less-expensive nature of this bike means I rarely worry when I ride this bike up mountains.

  • Orucase and Oveja Negra bags

    Great frame bags, bar bags, and bike-camping gear.


  • Fellow Ode grinder

    Simple, even grinding, with the only annoyance being the weird grounds cup lid and a tendency to static cling.

  • Fellow Stag kettle

    Quick to boil water, and the temperature stays stable at your set number.

  • Hario V60

    A V60 matched with a Chemex, with all the benefits of both, and a better grip than the wooden Chemex one.