The Echo Wife

Way heavier than I expected, but an interesting look at trauma, nature vs. nurture, and the limits of tech and morality.

Do You Dream of Terra Two

Largely a meditation on the effects of space on psychology and the dangers of kids laser-focusing on a dream from youth. Sometimes fun, but mostly tense.


The mystery and excitement builds, with stopovers in rather chilling depictions of mental illness.


Excellent space horror/survival.



“God I hate rock and roll”. For a goofy movie about a killer car, this was a lot more interesting than I expected. Also I love that all the high-schoolers looked 35.

Enemy of the State

Not the best Tony Scott, but pretty fun. Will Smith in the utterly bizarre lingerie store made me laugh.


It’s weird seeing Alex Ross Perry in a film after hearing him in so many Blank Check episodes. This is the best movie about a bachelor party I’ve ever seen.


Hot damn! I was excited about this as soon as I saw the preview and it met my expectations. Kinnear and Buckley are excellent and the mounting oddity built to truly bizarre heights.

The Unknown Girl

I’ll be honest I kinda spaced-out during this film.


ME Winstead is a delight and this went to places I didn’t expect.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

A fun Marvel film with a lot of long side stories. I’m glad Spiderman wasn’t in this.

Her Smell

A super chill and easy to watch movie if you’ve been around a lot of alcohol and drug abuse. Yikes. I think this was well done but I kinda had to watch it the way lots of people watch horror films.


A rewatch.

Crimes of the Future

A lot less disturbing than I’d initially imagined. A fun look at what human evolution might do to solve the horrific exploitation and pollution of the planet.


Chekhov’s kombucha. The Net for a new generation.

Macross Plus

A Top Gun x Macross classic. Don’t trust AI.

Hologram for the King

I’m not geopolitically intelligent enough to comment on the world of this film, but it’s nice to see Tom Hanks just kind of wander around and do stuff.

Speak No Evil

What starts as a mortifying difference in cultures becomes much more disturbing. Sure, pannekoeken is great, but is it worth the risk?


At least it’s short.

Michael Clayton

Blackberrys galore. Apparently I saw this in theaters because I remembered a good amount.

Top Gun: Maverick

This is everything I wanted it to be and more.