A lot of cycling, not much reading, and movies galore.


The Goblin Emperor

The number of characters with similar names was baffling at times, especially for such a densely woven tale of intrigue, but on balance I enjoyed the story.


Apollo 11

Wow. This was a breathtaking documentary reconstruction of film and still photos. It’s amazing to see all the incredible space stuff against the backdrop of a time I’m only familiar with from old family photos. Short-sleeved dress shirts and chain smoking? Hell yea.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

The camera work is outstanding. This one one of the more clever and fun time concepts I’ve seen on film. The acting is a bit more improv show than drama, but it comes together and continues to be fun.


“Mounting moon terror” is a phrase uttered in this film, and I couldn’t be happier. A ridiculous moon disaster movie is exactly what I wanted tonight. The screw-up kid was a hat on a hat though, and ditto all the Elon shit.

After the Wedding

Another story of flawed men and regret, but with excellent performances, music cues, and a fantastic pace.

Perfect Blue

I’ve watched this a few times and it’s still a fascinating look at obsession and an entertainment career. I wish Kon was alive and making more movies.

Death on the Nile

The biggest shock of this film was that Brand could act! I saw this film’s predecessor in Osaka a few years ago and have a fondness for Branaugh and Christie. The costuming was nice, and the mystery taut. This movie makes me with I could travel again!

Drive My Car

This movie will stick with me for a while. I haven’t read the story its based-on, so I went into it with only a one Hamaguchi and an idea of Murakami’s style in mind. The use of silence and a spare soundtrack really lent itself to the long road shots and close-ups of faces. An amazing film.

The Adam Project

A thoroughly fun action film. This was well-paced, high-enough budget, and chill.

What Keeps You Alive

This is why I’ve always preferred a clean break and never trust a girl with a Jeep. A fun if a little long-winded thriller.

Miami Connection

A classic with first-timer Drew.

After Yang

Woah, a Lily Chou-chou song! This movie was a fascinating look at a struggling family. It was a less aggressively uneasy Black Mirror episode; thoughtful mediation on life.


Initially I thought the guy in this was Henry Cavill, which would’ve been a little too on the nose. Also I will never believe that anyone sleeps in a bra despite at least two former dates doing so. Lesbian best friend is the new gay best friend? I guess this movie is saying that heterosexuality is basically the same as being kidnapped and slowly killed by a man… which, huh. Ok.

Spiderman: No Way Home

More fun than I expected but I still hear “Spider-Man” in the voice of the grown man crying next to me in the theater during the Avengers movie.


A weird and silly mess.