A lot of cycling, and mentally preparing for Elden Ring.


The Exiled Fleet

This series is a fun space adventure with a compelling cast and a story that’s building up well. I’m curious to see how long it goes for, as there are enough lingering mysteries and plot threads it could be four or five books to resolve.

Bone Shard Daughter

It took a little bit for this to click for me, but by the end I was reading a hundred pages in a sitting. A neat fantasy story with a bit to magic, intrigue, and a looming threat of an ancient evil.


Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Regret is a helluva thing. Fantastic.

A Most Wanted Man

RIP PSH. A solid thriller that never rises to the heights of other Le Carre but was a nice ride.

Death of Me

Top tip: don’t drink necromantic shots. This was spooky and utterly silly.


This would pair nicely with Annihilation in a double-feature about our inability to make peace with the planet and cool mycology. Spooky and cool.

Licorice Pizza

“Fuck off, teenagers.” There’s such a charm and delight to this film that in some ways mirrors the best parts of The Royal Tenenbaums. While Wes Anderson has fully lost himself in the twee, PT Anderson keeps making uniquely fun movies. I wish we’d gotten Melora Walters or Amy Adams as Streisand though. I have never listened to Him.


Can you make a referential movie so referential it transcends itself? Not this time.


Not DePalma’s best. A mediocre political thriller with the music of a way weirder film.

Fear Street: Part 3

This was a satisfying conclusion and another fun queer horror slasher.

Fear Street: Part 2

A great take on the 70s slasher.

Jackass: Forever

This is basically the X-Men academy now and they’ve got their New Mutants. Truly hilarious.

Fear Street: Part 1

A fun slasher that was much bloodier and wilder than I expected from something related to R.L. Stine. I think I’ll watch the trilogy.

The Daytrippers

A great 90s road trip movie about the failing relationships and weird families.

Shimmer Lake

I wasn’t sold on this initially but as it went on I was pretty pleased with the resolution.

Don’t Breathe

A little reminiscent of Green Room in bits. I didn’t know who to root for in the beginning but the nightmarish sexual assault and forced pregnancy stuff made it clear who not to root for.


A freaky, horny masterpiece. I’m worried everyone only has one set of underwear though.


It’s depressing how much more chill this was than the past two years.

The Parallax View

A neat, twisty thriller about a shadowy corporation involved in political assassination. Warren Beatty’s hair is excellent, and the score keeps this feeling tense throughout.

21 Bridges

Somewhere between copaganda and a pretty exciting action film.

Before Sunrise

Elements of this were romantic and exciting but I can’t get over how much of a nightmare it would be for a man to talk to me on a train.