my favorite albums of 2023


Radical Romantics - Fever Ray

Any year there’s a new album from Karin Dreijer is a good one. From The Knife to Fever Ray, they always deliver weirdly amazing electronic dance. This is what I spent a lot of time dancing at home to.

Gardening - Siv Jacobsen

On the other side of my jam spectrum is the downbeat “sad girl music” like this banger from Siv.

Fishbowl - Kate Davis

The album I sung along with the most this year. A constant companion on long bike rides.

Time Ain’t Accidental - Jess Williamson

This artist is friends of friends from back in Austin, but for some reason I’d mistakenly thought she was gay. This isn’t the straightest album ever, but it’s up there, while still being catchy as hell, and full of amazing vocal performance.

Eyes on the Bat - Palehound

Queer romance is hard. This was the soundtrack to considering dating and rides to and from therapy.

The Whaler - Home is Where

Emocore(?!) bop of the year.

Careful of Your Keepers - This is the Kit

Not quite peak sad girl music but up there.

Euphoric Recall - Braids

I saw Braids play a show in Austin at SXSW right when their first record dropped and before a few band member changes. The passion and lyricism is great.

the record - boygenius

I almost left this off, but it’s such a bop.

Javelin - Sufjan Stevens

He’d lost me for a few albums but shit, man, he’s back.

The Window - Ratboys

Indie meets country twang. Excellent


Her first album was a favorite, and there’s even more to love with her second

In the End it Always Does - The Japanese House

Dance till you drop.

My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross - ANOHI

She’s so good. The development of her style and music is something I’ve followed since the jump. Best trans woman musician?

Again - Onehtrix Point Never

More dance dance.

Sit Down for Dinner - Blonde Redhead

One of the best albums from Blonde Redhead in years. It reminded me why I love them.

Desolation’s Flower - Ragana

Ragana is still up there among my favorite metal bands, and this record captures the raw intensity of the duo well.

After the Magic - Paranoul

Korean indie jams show that whether or not K-Pop is your thing, Korean music is worth listening to.