A trip to Japan and trying to watch the best of 2023 before the end of the year.


American War


This Virtual Night

I hope she writes more of these soon.

How Fucked-up is Your Management

Considering I’m a manager? Very.

The Atlas Paradox

The chapter breaks know just how to keep you reading.



A hoot.

When Evil Lurks

That evil sure was lurkin’.

There’s Something in the Barn

A goofy horror film.

Eastern Promises

The fight in the bath always gets me.

The Ice Storm

Another holiday classic.

Encounters at the End of the World

A gaping hole straight down into the magma.

The Hunt for Red October

I’ll be honest I was mostly playing a game.

Poor Things


Silent Night

A classic holiday film.

Psycho Pass: Providence

This series is a fascinating look at what a strictly monitored and executed “justice” system could do. The slower-paced political thriller nature of this movie and some of the seasons means it’s a fun way to challenge anime expectations.

Last Sentinel

Meh. Some interesting bits, but mostly just tensionless.

Leave the World Behind

What if the apocalypse happened but you got stuck in Long Island?

The Holdovers

The trailer made me completely uninterested in seeing this, but the movie was great. Giamati playing the Rushmore’ Cox cum Dead Poets’ Williams he was meant to.

May December

Natalie Portman doing the strange lisp.

Godzilla -1.0

Wow. Saw this in Japan with no subtitles so I missed a little but holy shit that was fun.