The latest season of Bakeoff was super cute. It’s fascinating how the always manage to find these baking characters.


Chosen Ones

A fun book about the hero myth.



Fucked me up real good on the plane. Every layer a new arrow in my heart.

Please Don’t Destroy

Better than the other recent SNL movie but still very much an SNL movie.


Plodding but interesting.

Out of the Furnace

What if John Wick was a steelworker?

The Marvels

A fun Marvel movie again!

The Fablemans

Gonna re-listen to the Blank Check episode on this now. A real hard look at what making art is like, and also what it’s like to have a mom with mental illness. The latter was tough.

Dark Water

Bill Pullman playing a simple country lawyer was a well-needed counter to the extremely grim subject matter. There’s no punishment strong enough to balance the damage imperial capitalism and greed have caused the world.

Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant

Solid music and a surprisingly well-told story.