It’s spooky how many movies I watched this month.



Interesting multi-generational story of planetary terraforming and personhood.


Anatomy of a Fall

So much of the movie mirrored the bit at the end “there’s no reward, it’s just over”. Probably too French for me.

The Killer

Amazing. Hilarious at times and wonderful crafted jaunt.


The diabetes thing is still a hat on a hat.

28 Days Later

I still can’t believe Doctor Who did the Scarecrow so dirty.

Royal Hotel

Elrond really let himself go when he moved from New Zealand to Australia. That was extremely stressful.

The Burbs

A fun rewatch—saw this when I was a kid.

Pigeon Tunnel

Loved this. “…he’d have betrayed the cat, somehow”

Nun 2

For half of the movie I thought it took place in multiple time periods.

Ginger Snaps

I saw bits of this at I <3 Video in Austin twenty plus years ago but somehow didn’t see the whole thing until now. Fun.


A Swedish Severance with fun twists.


Other than some of the pretty “USA USA” stuff in this, the battles were wild. I wanted to watch this because my grandpa was on a carrier in WW2 that got kamikaze’d a few times.

Killers of the Flower Moon

Damn. It was long but riveting. I also audibly said “wow” at a few cameos.

Saw X

Scam bad.

Haunting in Venice

The camera was wacky, but the film was a fun little mystery.

It Follows

If I flew to Tokyo I could maybe avoid the thing for over two months.


Ahh so good.

Totally Killer

Nick at night scream.

Spy Game

Always a fun rewatch.

Insidious: Chapter 3

As hokey as these are there is something kinda charming here.

The Pope’s Exorcist

The best part was Crowe riding a little vespa

Benjamin Button

A temporal pincer.

Rosemary’s Baby

Hail satan

The Outwaters

Conceptually cool but I can’t vibe with this kinda camera.

The Creator

Cool world-building but the 3rd act was too rushed. Also my buddy’s character died too soon.

Fight Club

This held up much better than I thought considering I’d watched it dozens of times in my teens and early twenties.