Lots of riding and a big build-up to a century and a race.


The Nakano Thrift Shop

If this was an English-language novel it would’ve spawned an HBO miniseries.


Stars at Noon

I’ve definitely known this character. This was a different film to what I initially imagined it would be, but still solid.


I’m never emotionally ready for any of Koreeda’s films. Everyone in this is looking for a family, even if they don’t know it.

No One Will Save You

Almost devoid of dialogue, it built tension with foley and music. The overhead camera and some of the chase work is outstanding. It was a little hard for me to connect with it in silence though.

HUMP 2023

Another great collection of amateur and pro adult film. I love that this festival always vacillates between hot and hilarious.


Excellent comedy about fucked-up young dykes.


Was super tired so I saw the first ten minutes and the last ten because I feel asleep then rewound and watched the rest.

The Elephant 6 Documentary

A fun and nostalgic look at a set of bands that meant a lot to me while going to shows in Austin.

The Constant Gardener

He took breaks from gardening to solve a murder.

Theater Camp

Damn. So fucking funny, and reminiscent of all my childhood musical and theater classes and productions.

Teenage Mutant Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

Great animation, and a fun plot that gets what makes TMNT fun. This is the best turtle action since “Turtle turtle, power.”

The Game

My generation’s Christmas Carol.

Alien Vs. Predator

Not nearly as cool as I thought it was when I first saw it, but also I’m a sucker for W.S Anderson.


Hadn’t seen this for 10 or more years and hrs still a bleak triumph.

Hellraiser 2

Googled how many bands are called the lament configuration during the movie.

The Meg 2

Some decent action set pieces, but it’s hard to outdo the first giant shark movie. Long live Fun Island.