bikepacking setups

After a few years of bikepacking I’ve seen all sorts of setups, from the fancy to the DIY both on my own trips and during races like the Tour Divide. Much like backpacking, I’ve learned through trial and error the balance of cost, weight, and comfort I prefer. If you’re new to the hobby, I recommend borrowing gear and testing a few things out, but if you want or need to start buying, here’s a short guide of recommendations.

Extra gear I like

Low cost + light

  • Total weight: 3.14kg (6.9 lb)
  • Total storage: 24L->More with fork dry bags
  • Total cost: $412

Dry Bags

Medium cost + heavy

  • Total weight: 5.4kg (11.9 lb)
  • Total storage: 40L
  • Total Cost: $798

Rack + Panniers

Medium cost + light

  • Total weight: 2.9kg (6.39lbs)
  • Total storage: 33.5L
  • Total Cost: $830

Seat Bag + Harness

Fancy + light

  • Total storage: 31.5L
  • Total weight: 2.8kg (6.1lbs)
  • Total cost: $1,867

Tailfin setup

My setup

  • Total storage: 28L
  • Total weight: 2.5kg
  • Total cost: $1,251

Mostly fancy