Fun to read while watching the show.

Birnam Wood

A lot different than I expected but a fun thriller throughout.



You can tell someone had a psychic influence concept and then kinda skipped world building and didn’t nail the landing.


The past 22 years are such a massive clusterfuck it’s going to be wild to read about them in 30 more.

Double Jeopardy

Inexplicably I remember my parents going to see this in the theater. Lots of this had me guffawing. A solid, if not erotic, thriller. Gish rules.

Tour de Pharmacy

Lol what a weird hoot.

Evil Dead Rise

Different vibe than the other Evil Deads but a fun horror film still.


The man just wants his gold and casually destroys a bunch of nazis. Great time.

Con Air

DVD pile at the grocery store led to a post-race hotel movie night.

How to Blow Up a Pipeline