Back on the bike, which means a little less time to binge tv shows. I dove into the second season of Party Down, which I somehow hadn’t seen, and rejoiced in the return of Survivor, the Mandolorian, and Yellowjackets. Spring is great.


The End We Start From

A poignant story about motherhood and survival. Kind of a one-two punch with the last book.

How High We Go in the Dark

I loved this meditation on loss and love. It captured a lot of the complex feelings I’ve had over the years about family and belonging.

Six Wakes

An original and exciting take on cloning and space travel.

Killing Gravity

More of a novella, but a fun one. Some echoes of Becky Chambers, but with a core concept similar to Hanna. Excited to read the rest of the series.

Dead Silence

Really cool space horror that nicely dovetailed with playing Dead Space. Spooky and hard to put down.


The Drop

Watched after finding out a friend was in it, and also Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace! Fun crime thriller with a cute puppy.

John Wick: 4

A blast. A video game with very few cutscenes. I love how ever walking scene they could milk they just stretched as far as they could.

28 Weeks Later

Hadn’t seen this in a while, but it kicks right off. Not as strong as 28 Days, but a sold sequel.

Cocaine Bear

Silly and fun. Reminiscent of 70s/80s camp/slasher thrillers in a good way. I rooted for the bear.




Stacked cast, wild times. I love the optimism and single-minded drive towards an end.

Infernal Machine

Memento guy meets Daniel Faraday. Slow pacing but not in a necessarily compelling way.

Memory of Water

I realized entirely too late I was not up for a Finnish sci-fi film. Some bits were good but a lot of it just washed over me.


Ooof this took some dark turns.

Angel Has Fallen

Maybe the best scary drone scenes in a movie. It’s pretty absurd someone would try to set up the hero protector of the two most unlucky presidents in US history.

I Remember You

I’ve had the book this is based on on my shelf for a hot minute, and I’ve enjoyed Yrsa’s other work. This was a decently slow build, but also a bit interesting as a ghost story take.

The Ice Storm

One of the best Ang Lee films I’ve seen. A pitch-perfect suburban drama with a packed cast.

The Devil Wears Prada

Avoided this movie because I figured I would be mad and I was right, lol. At least I can listen to the Blank Check episode now. Asshole bosses is a bad genre.

Lady Vengance

A fantastic rewatch. So much of this movie is a wild build of character backstory and weird shit, and then it catapults into an outstanding back half. It’s strange to me that red eyeliner became stylish a few years ago.