Rewatched Mindhunter, and tore through 6 seasons of Survivor this month while getting back on my feet post-Covid. I think I’m still a little ahead on my annual Criterion Challenge and it’s been a little light on great theater movies this year so far. I still have a ton of books on my to be read shelf too.

I was planning to watch more movies this month but then I found the latest season of Australian Survivor, and, yea…


An Unkindness of Magicians

Similar thematically and story-wise to a lot of fantasy I read these days, but compelling characters and hilariously brutal and brief spell battles mark it out.

The Employees

The objects are good.

Chilling Effect

Fun but a little too silly.


Women Talking

I’ve read some Toews so I have a passing familiarity with Mennonite worlds, but damn this was both gorgeous and sad. One of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a long time too.

Knock at the Cabin

A really strange twist to the Looking story.

London Has Fallen

This president can’t catch a break!

Take Out

A good reminder of how far digital cinema has come. Watching this in 2023 felt much more voyueristic than I think was intended—like, now this could be shot on an iPhone with no issue. The silence of the protagonist made this almost feel like a restaurant RPG.

Infinity Pool

The only movie that has ever captured the feeling of staying at a resort hotel.

Olympus Has Fallen

I love that this was a competitor for another movie about a White House attack.

Yellow Sea

The less glamorous side of contract killing.

Fire of Love


The Nice Guys

Took a minute to tune-into the vibe of this film, but eventually it hit.


Not a movie barely a screensaver.


Yelling PLANE!

Bone Collector

Tonights theme was collecting bone.

Magic Mike XXL

A silly good time.