A rainy month with the back half consisting of a work trip and a few weeks with COVID meant a lot of watching Lost, The Traitors, and other tv. I also played the entirety of Last of Us Part 1, which was a little too linear for my taste.

Decent progress on my Criterion challenge this month.


‌Something New Under the Sun

A friend asked if this was Solarpunk, and I’m not sure, but I said yes.

Winter Tide

A nice take it and turn it of Lovecraft.


Still a classic.



Spooky and dutch.


Rewatching an awesome underwater thriller.


Hell yea.

Magic Mike

This was my Titanic of the 2000s insofar as everyone talking about how good it was made me never want to see it. I got over myself and it was fun.


Tom Hanks playing a guy who’s great at planes, and the guy from GUTs making him climb an agrocrag of red tape.

Deja Vu

Denzel laughing at physics.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Colin Farrell was playing the Penguin in this, right?


Denzel should’ve played Constantine.

###M oonfall###


Penguin Highway


Toy Story 4

I thought I’d seen this, but couldn’t remember who “Forky” was. Repeated jokes on Blank Check made me watch and I’m glad I did—cute AF.


very Giamatti voice Show me the cream!

Slumberparty Massacre

When I saw “Rita Mae Brown” I yelled.

I Want You Back

Love a good classic romcom.

Big Short

Still hits. Fuck banks.


My guy, take a typing class.

Certain Wome n###

Certain vibes.


Dad movies. Fuck.

The Post

The pre-chum box days when reporters still got paid well.


I dug the framing in this—angles for days.


I liked X better, but this was occasionally fun.

Four Women

Shorts on my Criterion list feel like cheating usually but I hate interpretive dance.

Cold Lasagna I Hate Myself###

Very funny.


Haynes captures another side to the creepiness of suburban life and loneliness of illness like the campy cousin to Lynch.

From Dusk Til Dawn###

Clooney should always have neck tattoos.

Bergman Island###

I don’t think I’ve seen a single Bergman film, which means a lot of this was likely lost on me. An interesting story regardless. “In Sweden we are very serious about recycling”.

Spook Sport###

The Rude Tales theme!


First time I’ve seen this movie without being high, and it holds up.

Rogue Agent###

He’s never really a spy, ladies. Julian Barrett is aging well

Wendell & Wild###

Excited to hear the Blank Check on this movie. Stop motion is always so cool.