How to Blow Up a Pipeline

A compelling argument for direct action against the engines of the state and corporate powers destroying the planet.

The Red

Decent very military action sci-fi, but the deeper ideas explored are chilling. The thought that god is a rogue marketing AI is great.

Last Ones Left Alive

A nice zombie book—someone else described it as The Road x 28 Days Later and that’s pretty accurate.p


Margin Call

Jeremy Irons is always excellent.

The Square

If Claes Bang ends-up being James Bond I will laugh and laugh, but hopefully someone named Bussy Bhole gets to fight him for a condom.

Beasts of No Nation



It’s no Trollhunter.


Well, that was bizarre.

Good Morning

Isamu steals the show, and what a show it was!


Jean Seberg could sell me a newspaper.

Before Sunset

I still think Ethan Hawke’s character is the worst.

Tokyo Drifter

The strangest Fast & Furious movie.

The Importance of Being Earnest

At no point do I believe these men are straight.

Turning Red

Move over Degrassi.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Completing my rewatch.

A Christmas Tale

The Ten Commandments is a bizarre xmas movie.

Die Hard

“I was in junior high, dickhead”

The Night Before

Nathan Fielder Red Bull driver.

Avatar: The Way of Water

This was so, so long. I think the word got out about how excruciatingly long it is because people were still coming in to watch it after the first 40 minutes. I can’t believe James Cameron made a train heist boring. The water stuff was cool, but I hated Spider. I would happily watch this in 2D to avoid the goofy goggles. Jermaine Clement hopefully got paid for this but he was wasted and had the worst American accent for no reason.

The Eternal Daughter

Glacial pacing knocked me out on try one, and I rewatched the second half in the morning. I think this may have worked better for me with and actress I like or more knowledge of Hogg films. This was a weird place to start watching this director.


If I were a major movie critic I would find it irresistible to say something like “Tár’d and feather’d” and audibly chuckle from my windowed office. Honestly, a great film.

Banshees of Inisherin

Lol. Island boys.

White Noise

Utterly bizarre… like a Sorkin scripted soliloquy on top of a surrealist delight. Every movie should end like this.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Quick to the action, with little build-up. I can see why this influenced many directors, and how it shaped things like X and Cabin in the Woods. Great gore-filled scare.

Wakanda Forever

Way too long but, it was fun to see all the sea battles and weird Namor shit.

The Menu

Hilarious. I want a cheeseburger so bad now.

It’s Hard Being a Man

Mostly watched this because I wanted to see what post-war Japanese comedy was about. The over-the-top Tora san could’ve been an anime guy for how big his performance was.


A lion revenge film where the lion is the protagonist. Anti-poachers need cooler names. I’m still surprised they never ended-up in the lookout tower.