My Favorite Media of 2022


  • Our Wives Under the Sea

    I gave a copy of this book to a friend, and I think she read most of it in the bath, texting me as it got stranger. I loved this book. I didn’t know I needed a WInterson/Vandermeer combo story, but it worked.

  • Amatka

    On a similar theme to my other favorite this year, Amatka tells a strange tale reminiscent of the best spooky sci-fi I’ve read.


  • Triangle of Sadness

    Seeing this right before a flight could’ve been a disaster, but fortunately my stomach is strong. I’ve seen this positively compared to the Menu, and I agree it’s far more biting and hilarious. I don’t think biting portrayals of the wealthy will change the world, but I still want more of them.

  • Barbarian

    Fantastic, spooky, and surprising.

  • Decision to Leave

    The build of tension and repeating themes of desire and memory were outstanding.

  • Nope

    Much more sci-fi and speculative than I expected, and as funny was it was strange.

  • Men

    Captured some of the strangeness of trying to return to the world as it decided COVID was over.

  • Speak No Evil

    I told a lot of folks to go see this cultural misunderstanding horror film.


I’ve done this album ranking for a few years now and I still don’t have much to say other than: music rules. If you want to read something smart about music, check out my friend Mehan’s work.

  • Running with the Hurricane — Camp Cope

    Folk rock vocals with a gorgeous voice? Sign me up.

  • Let’s Eat Grandma: Two Ribbons

    From the first track, this album rips. I listened to it a lot while riding up mountains, and it’s even fun to sing along with.

  • Marina Herlop: Pripyat

    This reminds me of Asa-Chang and Junray with a dash of Björk.

  • ‌Sharon Van Etten: We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong

    Her previous record wasn’t really to my taste, but this is my favorite since Tramp. A perfect album for a walk.

  • The Beths: Expert in a Dying Field

    The Beths are keeping pop-punk alive and interesting.

  • Florist: Florist

    Every Florist album owns bones. This one is haunting and beautiful.

  • Nilüfer Yanya: PAINLESS

    One of the most unique and rad voices in music right now, with catchy tunes to boot.

  • DoomCannon: Renaissance

    Great jazz jams.

  • Big Thief: ‌Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You

    Every single album Big Thief brings out is somehow a step forward. Adrienne Lenker sounds like being in love.

  • Porridge Radio: ‌Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To the Sky

    Queer English angst rock.

  • Lande Hekt: House without a View

    An awesome upbeat counter to Porridge Radio.

  • Alvvays: Blue Rev

    When I lived in Portland I got to see Alvvays play live, and it was a blast. With five years between this and their sophomore record, I thought they’d broken-up. Fortunately, they just got better at making music.