I didn’t get nearly as much reading done this month as I usually do, and due to the size of Priory, and my current read, I only finished two books. That said, Laserwriter II was an all-time favorite, and Priory was one of the best fantasy novels I’ve read in quite some time. Quality > quantity. The same can’t be said for the rogues gallery of cinema I dove into this month.


Laserwriter II

A fantastic book about the 90s in Mac repair and the magic of TekServe and real sugar Cola. I loved how Laserwriter wove a simple new job story with the poetry of tech.

Priory of the Orange Tree

This could’ve been a few books, but it was well-paced despite its length. My only complaint is the final battle and wrap-up happened in a short bit of book. It managed to cram quite a bit of magic system and world-building into a nice lesbian fantasy story though.


The Thing

My umpteenth rewatch.st


Camp AF. Everything Gary Oldman wears is perfect.

Addams Family

A real hoot. Such a strange, fun movie. I haven’t seen this since I was a kid.


I’d never seen the assembly cut, but dang, this is a grim movie. I wish Fincher had gotten to actually deliver on his vision, but sadly this is proably my least favorite Aliens film.


A sad, but forgettable tale of a space colony.

Saint Maud

Just let a lesbian have a good time, damn.


YESSSSSSSTHE SOUND, the beauty of every shot!It was so good it made me like tommy chalet better.

They Live

This so thoroughly influenced other media that watching it was a constant “oh yea!!”


If you’re gonna dragon a car there might be consequences. This was a nuts movie and I’m a little sad the car didn’t come back… what a deadbeat.

The Card Counter

Between this and First Reformed, I think that Schroeder is perhaps making the best films in the US that deal with our guilt and responsibility for the last two decades of war and devastation. A brutal and haunting score underlines a movie that will stay a with me for a while.

No Time to Die

A blast. A great second film to see in theaters.


Not the strongest of the very goofy Saw series.

Till Death

Weirdly, the promotional images spoiled the suspense a bit. An ok thriller.

Lucky Logan

I’ve seen parts of this movie over people’s shoulders dozens of time during a flight, but the actual movie was very charming.


A tight 70 minutes, but telegpaphed a little bit too much. I wonder what I woul’ve thought about this ten years ago.

Night House

An interesting look at grief and being haunted by our lost loved ones. I think I wanted this to be more hype House of Leaves, but it wash’s quite as wild. The music made me want to listen to Magnolia Electric Co.

Big Trouble in Little China

Kurt Russell is a great sidekick. Watching this again I realized how much of Tim Robinson’s delivery is based on this character.

Free Guy

A better Ready Player One meets Wreck It Ralph.

The Aviator

Way of the future.


Chilling and excellent. It’s interesting to see james bond meet one of his foes for the first time.

Zero Dark Thirty

A very tense film that makes sure to only humanize selectively. It’s wild seeing an event that I read about in the news like this with Chris Pratt. Well-acted, and shot, but fuck.

Adrift in Tokyo

A wholesome and cute rewatch. Joe Odagiri with a wild hair game.

The Silence of the Lambs

I haven’t seen this in years, and it sure is haunting. Five years or so ago I knew a few women who got spear of Longinus tattoos like Bill, which I still find wild. Goodbye Horses is a dope song.

Eyes Wide Shut

Still a fun and weird film but in the years since I first watched this, most of the bits now seem a bit tame. Who has an orgy without any kink?!