A rewatch of the Resident Evil and Saw movies, with a few seasons of AHP, and a lot of sci-fi sprinkled on top.


Changing Planes

A fantastic meta-narrative is the lead-in to this multiverse adventure. I appreciate the creativity and speculation even though the short stories are loosely tied together.

The Seep

A good take on alien invasion with a complex protagonist. The Seep was a nice meditation on loss and moving forward.

We Are Satellites

An interesting look at the social effects of brain augmentation and who is left behind. Definitely easier to read than her pandemic book.

Foundation — Issac Asimov

Wow. What a wild old book. I love the sprawling story even if it completely forgets that women exist.

Lady Joker — Kaoru Takamura

I thought this was a mystery but it’s much more of a… police and investigative procedural. Slow at times but nice too.


Come to Daddy

Elijah Wood seems to only take fun projects in a post-LOTR world, and I love it. His 2017 film I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Again, Wilfred, voice-acting in Miyazaki films, and now this short bowl cut and hooded-cape weirdo film are such a nice career pivot.

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

More like a few episodes than a cohesive film, this got me stoked for season 2.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

I’ve seen this one the most besides the first because I got to see it in Japan before it came out in the states. That was a strange experience so it’ll always stick with me.

Resident Evil 2-5

Hokey but fun.

Resident Evil


Red Dawn

The original was a classic schlocky action film, and this one was an alright action remake. I don’t know if Chris Pine can live up to Kurt Russell generally, but if you want to see him try, this is a film for it.

Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

I’m a sucker for this very silly series. I love how much they malign and hate on the spectre of “satanists”. Walter Bishop from Fringr is in this and that was a nice surprise.

Saw 3

The first three films in this series are in the perfect uncanny valley of bad fashion. I should listen to the Why Are Dads episode now that I’ve made it through because John is an absolutely insufferable dad.

Saw 2

I forgot the kid from Continuum was in this. Overall, this sequel was a lot schlockier now that we know what the whole Saw deal is like. The nü-metal at the end dates this more than anything else could.


I think I watched this shortly after it came out, but it’s still wild to see Ben from Lost, Danny Glover, and the man in the mask from Princess Bride. This is a classic absurd horror thriller, and this rewatch begins my staycation of Saw.