What a year! Remember in January, when we all had hopes and dreams? Every year I try to think back to the previous year and look ahead to the things I’m planning, and this year that feels a bit futile.

On the upside, I’ve gotten to know a few friends a whole lot better, and spent a ridiculous amount of quality time with my cat, Snorri. I also got to bike a bit, and learn how nice nesting can be at home.

Here’s to all the wine I drank, and all the vegan chicken nuggs and yuba I consumed. Three cheers to the many, many pounds of flour I alchemised into sourdough boules, and the inventor of the Hoffman method (thanks Ian), who finally gave me a recipe I could create consistently great bread from.

Shout out to the cult and our various adventures on the fields of Verdansk, in the hills of Cache Creek, or surrounded by Redwoods. Love y’all!

I still wish I was able to see my friends around the globe, and I hope some day (2022?) I’ll be able to travel again. From the writing retreat in Yoshino that was canceled, to hermit life I’ve led out of caution, this was a year of bummers, scares, and hoping my loved-ones would make it through.


I don’t know what I’ll write about 2021 yet, other than a plan to love people more fiercely, and listen more carefully.

Don’t give up! Take care of each other, and thanks for reading~