Thanks to my friend Lena, I got to test out my new hiking shoes today at Redwood Regional Park.

On shoes

We did a very chill 5 mile hike with 1500’ climb and a total descent of 1000’.

redwood hiking path

I think my workout program is really helping because while it wasn’t always easy to hike this trail, it was super doable and really fun. I ended-up with only a couple small blisters I chalk up to brand new shoes.

The thought of crowded trails during COVID was stressful, but the reality of hiking during the day (since I’m on vacation this week) was incredibly relaxing. I think we saw a total of 10 people over the course of 2 hours, and everyone was masked. We also saw a bunch of lizards, and cute dogs.


The forest paths were naturally very cool, and relaxing, and even the sunny bits were around 20C/68F which meant we didn’t need to constantly stop to hydrate. I haven’t hiked a lot since I lived in Texas, so I’m looking forward to trying to do more hiking even without flying anywhere. Lena and I talked about how much walking we both enjoy doing when traveling, but how we’re less likely to do so in our hometown. Hopefully I can do a bit more and actually embrace traveling close to home.


Thanks again Lena for encouraging me to get out and walk!


(I didn’t really edit these photos—all straight out of the JPEG processor of my new Ricoh GRIII.