Wardrobe refresh

As my clothes gradually wear out, I’m slowly trying to replace everything with my current favorites. This makes for a very simple wardrobe that works for all 4 seasons.

Lots of this stuff is wool, all of it is pretty durable, and when possible I tried to find vendors that were environmentally friendly and smaller.


4 tank tops — These are fantastic tank tops. They wick well, don’t get stinky, and look good enough to wear outside of the gym.

4 t-Shirts — Comfy, and cool looking. There’re a lot of colors if you don’t want to wear all black all the time.

2 tailored dress shirts (long sleeve)


3 pants — I just keep buying these. They’re comfortable, stretch well during activity, and hold up to a lot of punishment.


2 pairs of shorts — Great for lifting weights, yoga, or just when it’s hot. I wouldn’t wear them to work, but I wouldn’t wear shorts to work generally.


2 pairs of leggings — These stay up during yoga and powerlifting really well. They’re comfortable and keep you dry even if you go out for a drink after working out.


10 pairs of underwear — Wool underwear rules.

5 sports bras — I keep trying to find something that’s more comfortable, but I keep coming back to these. Simple, and easy.


8 pairs of socks — Great wool socks that pack light and dry quickly.


3 Shorts with pockets — I love that i can throw a phone or keys in here and check the mail if I’m too lazy to put on pants.


1 sweater — You never know when you need a nice sweater.


Hoodie — Great hoodie. I own two because I think they’re discontinuing them sadly. My backup is probably a Chrome one, I guess.

Rain coat

Coat — Very low-key and stealth. This jacket looks just as good in the city as it does on a hike.