A Weekly Link Newsletter

Update 2020 I am now writing a newsletter on buttondown and reposting them here.

I never really jived with Substack or their general model, especially now that they’re paying real goons to write there.

It’s official: I’ve joined the newsletter trend in earnest. I’ve had a newsletter for a few months now, but I wasn’t sure what to really do with it. Fortunately, I realized what I love to see the most from some of my favorite newsletters is links to what these authors are reading this week—little jewels from internet wanderings.

My re-launched Dill and Fennel newsletter will have links to some of the more interesting or funny things I’ve seen in the previous week. Sometimes these may be links to books, or tweets with a little color commentary. If you read this site, you might enjoy subscribing.

This site

I’ll still write here as often as I can, but I found myself wanting a quicker way to write weekly, without needing a big thing to blog about, or something to review. My monthly media diets will still be posted to brookshelley.com as well. It’s been fun to do tiny reviews of books and movies, even if it’s mostly for my own memory of what I consumed in a year. Not using Letterboxed or Goodreads for this was a very conscious decision—I want to own and control my own data. If you keep track of this kind of stuff yourself, or run your own little slice of the internet, I’d love to hear about it!