Lab Rat One

Ok, this series is exceedingly straight, and that’s a bummer. I wish there was a lot less pining after the sad boy, but the magic and tech continues to be interesting. The pacing is a little lax, and I’ve gotten slightly sick of the cycles of “power then injury” that Cass goes through, but I’m going to finish this out.


Ugh, I wanted to enjoy the rest of this story, but this book was so exceedingly dull. I ###loathe### that the main character was setup to not only get married, but have kids at ~19 years old. Fuck that. This series started off well, but ended up being even worse than Twilight. Read the first book, and skip the rest.

Space Opera

Uproariously fun, and silly throughout. Take Douglas Adams, add in some queerness, and an obsession with Eurovision. Loved this from start to finish. I devoured the back-half of this book in one sitting at a cafe in Copenhagen, and found myself crying in the afterword/credits.

Gold, Fame, Citris

Interesting book about a post-apocalyptic wasteland America and the ideas of survival and family. I enjoyed this.

Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach

A cool scifi short novel where the future is barren, but at least there’s time-travel. I wanted more world-building, and probably a couple more books in this story, but that also means I liked this book quite a bit. The back half of the book felt much faster than the lead-up, and much of the action was compacted, but it was a fun adventure. This is a solid addition to the burgeoning eco-scifi genre.



A trash movie in the best way. If you liked watching Jake Gylenhall run from ice in The Day After Tomorrow, and people saying “zap!” and “geostorm!”, then this movie is for you. Continues the trend of big-budget action films being largely targeted for non-US success, but that means we also get some cool co-stars.

In the Fade

One of the saddest movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s gorgeous, well-shot, and soundtracked, but phew, what a brutal movie about the evils of nazism, and racism.

Avengers: Infinity War

This movie tried to tie together too many disparate stories, to bland effect. The attempt at some sort of emotional climax was a big wet fart, despite ten people in the theater I was in yelling at the screen. Like, spoilers they’ll all be back, bc Disney isn’t going to kill off their money-makers. Go rewatch Black Panther of Thor Ragnarok, or like, spend 3 hours outside instead.

Deadpool 2

As fun as Avengers: Infinity War was boring and meh. Full of silly jokes. There were definitely jokes that were in really poor taste, but pretty much what I expected.