All Systems Red#

Pretty fun book about a “murderbot” who would rather be watching tv dramas than shooting anything. I’m looking forward to the next few books.


This was recommended to me by my buddy Nick, and I’d avoided it for unknown reasons. Maybe the cover was too low-budget? But, this book is really fun. I think this series kinda qualifies as YA, but the journal nature, as well as the mystery of scifi tech/magic systems got me deep into the world. A really nice vacation read.

Lab Rat One

Ok, this series is exceedingly straight, and that’s a bummer. I wish there was a lot less pining after the sad boy, but the magic and tech continues to be interesting. The pacing is a little lax, and I’ve gotten slightly sick of the cycles of “power then injury” that Cass goes through, but I’m going to finish this out.


The Death of Stalin

Super dark comedy. It has that abusive asshole Jeffrey Tambor, but otherwise is full of hilariously weird old men. If you like Veep or In the Thick of It, this is a must-watch.

The Ritual

A very good “get lost in the woods” movie. Bad things happen to unlikeable men. A+.

Cabin Fever

I can’t tell if this was the original, or if this was a remake, but either way, it’s nice to watch annoying and awful people fall apart. This is a theme of the previous and next movie.

The Descent

Another “maybe these are bad people” everything-goes-wrong movie. This was a rewatch, and yet, the cave scenes still had me feeling super claustrophobic. It didn’t help that I was in the middle of a middle row on a plane to Portland from Amsterdam when I watched it.

A Quiet Place

A “good christian family” who loves gender roles has to be vewwwwwy quiet so they don’t get eaten by some kind of creatures. This movie was silly as fuck. Every time the monster was on screen, someone had to pantomime “be quiet,” as if the entire movie hadn’t been quiet. Also spoilers but how the fuck do you get pregnant if you know that a baby is going to make loud baby noises and get your family killed? And where did they fuck? Anyways, this is a hate-watch.