Just Like Home

Dovetailed nicely with my re-watching of Stoker. This grabbed onto my eyes and wouldn’t let go.

Tatami Galaxy

Fun to read the inspiration for the series.

A Half Built Garden

Luckily I talked to a friend partway through about this and found she also thought it was annoying.


Feels like the precursor to so much post-apocalyptic fiction, but with a wry grin.


Pretty cool way of tackling eternal life, mixed with the dread of Edge of Tomorrow.


Fun to read while watching the show.

Birnam Wood

A lot different than I expected but a fun thriller throughout.

Loki’s Ring

After two of Lecht’s books, I think her style is a little too on the nose for me, but I broadly enjoy it. When you’re including an interesting set of genders and sexualities it’s a delicate dance that in this case feels a little too box-check-y.

The End We Start From

A poignant story about motherhood and survival. Kind of a one-two punch with the last book.

How High We Go in the Dark

I loved this meditation on loss and love. It captured a lot of the complex feelings I’ve had over the years about family and belonging.

Six Wake

An original and exciting take on cloning and space travel.

Killing Gravity

More of a novella, but a fun one. Some echoes of Becky Chambers, but with a core concept similar to Hanna. Excited to read the rest of the series.

Dead Silence

Really cool space horror that nicely dovetailed with playing Dead Space. Spooky and hard to put down.

An Unkindness of Magicians

Similar thematically and story-wise to a lot of fantasy I read these days, but compelling characters and hilariously brutal and brief spell battles mark it out.

The Employees

The objects are good.

Chilling Effect

Fun but a little too silly.

‌Something New Under the Sun

A friend asked if this was Solarpunk, and I’m not sure, but I said yes.

Winter Tide

A nice take it and turn it of Lovecraft.


Re-reading for a Discord group. Not my favorite of his trilogies, but still fun.

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