Loved it.

Sign Here

A fun mephistopholic slow boil.

A Country of Ghosts



Some interesting bits of Chinese mythos sadly in a book with a lot of bad love triangle and blockchain.

Player Piano

Vonnegut started strong.

The Cat Who Saved Books


The Book You are Looking for is in the Library


In Ascension

Kinda wild!

Some Desperate Glory

Cool take on a space epic.

Death’s End

A good conclusion.

Hummingbird Salamander

Vandemeer with a compelling eco thriller.

The Dark Forest

Watched the Netflix adaptation of the first and a bit book while reading this which mostly just made me confused about who was who. Also I wish there were more women in the books who weren’t a sci-fi writer’s idea of a perfect wife.

Three-Body Problem

I’m dreading the Netflix show but this was slow to start but super interesting once it did.

Camp Zero

An interesting take on climate apocalypse.

Agent Running in the Field

Le Carre kept writing bangers his entire career.

Shards of the Earth

Enough mystery to make the trilogy appealing, and strong characters.

Hell Bent

A fun sequel to Ninth House.

Book of Night

I like this trend of urban magic stuff.

Super Cannes

JG you’re a freak for this one.


Cool story, if a little goofy at times.

Static Ruin

Does it stick the landing? Yep.

Void Black Shadow

This series continues to be cool.

Murder on Sex Island


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

The movie makes so much more sense now.

A Murder of Quality

A fun little murder mystery.

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